BHI eNewsletter October 2017
Subject : BHI eNewsletter October 2017
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Registration Procedure for New Student Bogor of Tourism School Batch 37 and 38 2018/2019
Subject : Registration Procedure for New Student Bogor of Tourism School Batch 37 and 38 2018/2019
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Since 19 May 2010


Munti Bali

Munti Bali Ceramics are hand-crafted by skilled fingers expressing artistic value in even the smallest details. The colors and designs of Munti Ceramics are inspired by Indonesian nature, giving their products strong authenticity and an ethnic, timeless feel in a modern world.

Wayang Golek

These traditional wooden puppets can be purchase at the main gate of the Bogor Botanical Garden or at Dase A.S. in Lebak Kantin. Native to Java, these dolls are traditionally used in performances of shadow puppet theatre around Indonesia.

Gong Factory

Operating for 300 years, this is the only surviving gong factory in West Java. Visitors are welcome to see traditional gongs and other gamelan instruments created with simple tools, an open fire, and hand-powered bellows

Ciomas Shoe Maker

Support local businesses at this home industry handicraft store on Jl. Ciwaringin in Bogor. You will find crafts, souvenirs, and dried flowers created from recyclable material. There is a plethora of products including pencil cases, coasters, jewelry boxes, picture frames, and bags.

Batik Tulis Tradisiku

Batik is a traditional design native to Indonesia. At Batik Tulis Tradisiku you will find hand-painted clothing and other items to choose from. It is located on Jl. Neglasari in the Cibuluh district of Bogor.

Dewi Collection Dolls

This unique doll is quite exotic and made from the traditional Batik cloth. Developed by the owner, Ms. Dewi, and her daughter, Batik puppet crafts have been sold in Indonesia, Japan, and Singapore. You can browse the Dewi Collection in Semplak, a sub-district of Bogor.

Kujang Pajajaran

Kujang is a unique handmade knife from West Java made from iron and steel. Check out the Kujang designs in the Sindang Sari area.