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Since 19 May 2010


Bogor Presidential Palace

Known as Istana Bogor, this group of buildings is located on the northern side of the Bogor Botanical Garden. The main building, coined buitenzorg or "without a care", dates back to the 1900s as the official residence of the Governor General of the Dutch East Indies. After Indonesia's independence it became the Bogor Presidential Palace and is often frequented by reigning officials. The palace lawn is inhabited by hundreds of deer that can be fed through the gates.

Bogor Botanical Garden

Spanning an astounding 87 hectares of lawns, gardens, ponds, tree groves, and avenues around the Presidential Palace is the Kebun Raya. It was founded by Prof. Dr. C.G.C. Reinwart, a German botanist working in Indonesia in the early 1800s. The garden is the oldest scientific institution in Bogor. Specimens of native plants have been collected from all over the Malay Archipelago and many other tropical regions.

Taman Safari

Beyond Cisarua is Taman Safari, a safari park housing 2,500 animals including Bengal tigers, zebras, elephants, cheetahs, and rhinos. Tour the park by bus or car where you can come within arm's length of the captivating animals. You can also enjoy their amusement park with small rides and specialized exhibits.

Tea Plantations and Factories

The Gunung Mas Estate in Tugu covers the steep slopes of the mountain on the road to Puncak. You can sample and buy Gunung Mas tea and other export quality mountain teas. Enjoy a horse ride through the tea plantation and the breathtaking views it has to offer.


Visit any of the plethora of waterfalls that can be found around Bogor. Each offers unique beauty and spectacular views. Some of the most notable waterfalls around Bogor are Curug Nangka, Curug Cilember, and Curug Seribu.

Durian Warso Farm

This farm is home to a range of cultivated plants but its prized possession is the notoriously pungent durian. Enjoy traditional durian delicacies while browsing the lush orchards on the farm.

Batutulis Epigraphy

This is the previous location of one of the oldest kingdoms in Indonesia where a number of inscriptions remain as proof. The epigraphies were written using kawi, the ancient language of Java, by the son of Padjadjaran's king. The kingdom used it to raise the Padjadjaran's King ceremonial under Prabu Siliwangi authority.

Footprint Stone Site

The Footprint Stone Site is the inheritance of Mahawarman King. In the peak of the hill there is a famously large Ampar Stone, measuring 2 x 2 meters.

Talaga Warna

Visit Cisarua to witness this majestic lake that changes color concurrently with nature. Legend has it that anyone who bathes in the water will find eternal youth.

Situ Gede

This rural area is a quaint spot to relax on the lake and enjoy the luxurious scenery. Go for a stroll or have a picnic waterside at Situ Gede.

Mekarsari Garden Tour

Located in Cileungsi, this garden has thousands of fruit plants mainly native to tropical areas. Enjoy the garden by riding the Kareta Gandeng (small train), picking fruits, riding bicycles, farming, gardening, camping, and more.

Traditional Village Tour

This tour is a popular tourism attraction while preserving the traditional touch of Indonesia. Witness the natives plowing rice fields, planting vegetation, and bathing the buffalo.

Pasir Mukti Garden Tour

Pasir Mukti Garden Tour offers many packages of agro tourism. You can pick the fruit, go fishing, or learn how to plant orchids.



Zoological Museum

The Zoological Museum was founded in 1894 for the purpose of Indonesian fauna study. This institution, with a collection of around 300,000 specimens, has a representative display open to the public. There are dioramas showing animals from different environments including displays of insects and the skeleton of a huge blue whale.

Ethnobotany Museum

On the lower ground of Herbarium Bogoriense at the Museum Ethnobotani you will find an impressive display of handicrafts, implements, medicines, toys, and clothing made from plants and other products.

PETA Museum

The monument and museum of PETA were built on 14 November 1993. Umar Wirahadikusumah, former Vice President of Indonesia, had the honor of inserting the first stone into place. The museum was officially opened by former President H.M. Soeharto on 18 December 1995.