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Since 19 May 2010



Getting to BHI Hospitality School


1.   Why I should study at BHI Hospitality School?

- Recognition. Recognized by DIKTI.  Accreditation by BAN – PT.

- Location. The BHI Hospitality School located in Jl. Curug Mekar No. 17 Yasmin Bogor. It can be reached by   Trans Pakuan Bogor from Baranangsiang Bus station.

- Partnership. BHI Hospitality School have more than 50 partner hotels in Indonesia for on the job training program.

- Practical room. Hotel Salak The Heritage is used by students for practical purposes.

- Payment. The tuition fee can be paid in 4 times period in a semester.

- On the job training. BHI Hospitality School will find the best hotel for all students to get on the job training program. The student can choose their preferred city.

- English. BHI Hospitality School will give free TOEFL course to all students in the 1st semester and bilingual. 


2.   Do I need to study tourism or hospitality before join BHI Hospitality School?

No, you can learn tourism or hospitality education from BHI Hospitality School. However, you need to have high school certificate or equivalent before join BHI Hospitality School


3.   Will I loose my credit from the previous school if I move to BHI Hospitality School?

It depends on what level you have studied or relevant working experience if any, all relevant documentations should be submitted to BHI Hospitality School who will subsequently reach a decision on a case-by-case basis. If feasible, credit will be adjusted  automatically to those who have studied tourism and hospitality at the previous school.


4.   Do I have to pay all the fees up-front before I come to BHI Hospitality School?

No, fees can be paid by installments.  The first installment is 70% the rest of school fee will be paid in 3 times before On the Job training programs start.


5.   How do I apply to BHI Hospitality School?

Please contact us at 0251-8350333 and 0251-7534343 or our contact persons to give you more detail information : Mrs. Meli (mobile: 08121115681).




STUDYING AT BHI Hospitality School


1.   How long to get Bachelor degree in BHI Hospitality School?

For 1 year program, you need to study a total of 2 semesters (one year) including 6 months internship.


2.   Will my qualification is recognized to continue study in other universities?

Students from BHI Hospitality School have at some point, successfully transferred to other schools and universities.


3.   What does BHI Hospitality School provide for its Alumni network?

Students at BHI Hospitality School have immediate access to the BHI Hospitality School database online and can collaborate with its large body of professionals. This enables students to (re-) connect and find long classmates, read and post news and events and profit from best-of-the-best Weblinks. Post and search for jobs and exchange internal messages to groups or individuals.


4.   Who must do internship?

All students must do one compulsory internship.


5.   How long are the internship periods?

In Indonesia 6 months.