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Since 19 May 2010


Welcome to BHI Hospitality School

BHI Hospitality School is a hospitality school located in Bogor, Indonesia. BHI Hospitality School was founded by Bogor Heritage Foundation (Yayasan Pusaka Bogor) in 1999, under the name Bogor Hotel Institute. BHI Hospitality School has two education institutions, LKP BHI and STP Bogor.

BHI Hospitality School is affiliated with two 4-star hotels and one restaurant with locations in the heart of Bogor city; Hotel Salak The Heritage (140 rooms), Salak Tower Hotel (150 rooms), and Klappertaart Huize & Resto. With our affiliated partners, BHI Hospitality School provides tremendous opportunities for students to participate in the job training prior to starting their internship program. In addition to our affiliated hotels and restaurant, BHI Hospitality School also has more than 100 internship placement partners, consisting of restaurants, hotels, and cruise lines.

Bogor is one of the top education centers in Indonesia. Bogor is located 300 meters above sea level, near Mount Salak, and is only 50 kilometers from Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta. Bogor has many famous attractions, which include Bogor Presidential Palace, Bogor Botanical Gardens, the National Flower Garden, and much more.

BHI Hospitality School has over 750 students from all over Indonesia and surrounding countries. Students are encouraged to join one of the 15 Student Activity Groups (SAG) at BHI Hospitality School to build a network with other students who share the same interests. Some of the most popular SAGs among the students are Student Senate, BHI Voice, BHI TV Online, English Club, Cooking Club, Culinary Art Club, BHI Flaring Team, and Bakery & Pastry Club.

BHI Hospitality School has more than 2,000 alumni who are working in various hospitality industries around the world including hotels, cruise lines, airlines, restaurants, hospitals, banks, governments, apartments, consulting firms, events, and other service based organizations.

BHI Hospitality School has 2 Program Divisions:
1. Domestic Program Division.
2. International Program Division.

Domestic Program Division has 2 Education institutions:
1. LKP BHI for 1 year program and Chef Certificate
2. STP Bogor for D3, D4, and S1

International Program Division has 1 Education Institution, the name is Salak Education Consulting (SEC).

SEC has a cooperation with George Brown College which has 8 majors: Culinary, Hospitality, Construction Engineering, Graphic Design, Accounting, Project Management, Fashion, Computer Programming Analyst

Explore the world with hotel and culinary expertise from BHI.


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