Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru Tahun Ajaran 2017/2018
Subject : Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru Tahun Ajaran 2017/2018
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Since 19 May 2010


Dried Spices Development

Indonesia is a rich country with spices. Spices are mostly used for pharmacy needs, food, and other industries. The demand for spices and seasoning is getting higher. It is not only the quantity but the quality, as well.
Changing lifestyles have caused the increased need for spices. One of the spices needed are instant dried spices. People like it because it is more simple. However, consumers are still concerned about the important element from the material that it is being processed. Thereby, Bogor Hotel Institute
BHI is doing a research about the creation process of dried spices to become dried seasonings. Instant spices are a mixture from a variety of spices with certain compositions and are able to be used directly as seasonings for certain cuisines.

The creations process of dried spices includes cutting, extracting, drying, flouring, and packing. Research on dried spices is being done in order to help practitioners of the food and hotel industries. The benefits of using dried spices are that the prices are cheaper, the marketing process is faster, and the working and storage areas for dried spices re smaller than the areas for raw seasonings. To conclude, using instant dried seasonings proves to be more efficient for companies.