Urine Test Done By BNN of West Java
Subject : Urine Test Done By BNN of West Java
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Parentís Day
Subject : Parentís Day
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Bogor Hospitality Challenge
Subject : Bogor Hospitality Challenge
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Since 19 May 2010


TRC - BHI has more than 40 professionals and researchers which have rich experiences in hospitality businesses. TRC - BHI professionals and researches are the best experts who can help hotel property owners or hotel service company who want to operate and develop brand. TRC - BHI offers brand development services including, logo guidance, product standards, service standards, and customer loyalty programs. TRC - BHI also offers all operation program consultancies to make sure all operation activities produce the standard output which has been defined.

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BHI TRC (BHI Training Center Department) has training related to the Hospitality Industry.

1. Basic Hospitality Training

Learn the basics in the hospitality industry, such as hospitality grooming, team work, communication skills, guest relations, etc.


2. F&B Service Training ( Waitre/waitress)

BHI has training for F&B Service Training (Waiter/waitress), including formal dining table set up, specific dining utensil, and excellent service

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3. Beverage Knowledge and Bartending

Learn how to make different types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (cocktails and mocktails), distinguish between types of wine, how to serve wine, how to make cocktails and mocktails.



4. Table Manner Training.

Learn about ethics of formal dining, the dos and doníts on dining table. Designated for professionals, executives, students, or anyone either interested or in need of having knowledge and skills on Western dining manners



The Implementation of Table Manner Training


5. Cost Control

Learn how managers attempt to regulate costs and guard against excessive cost. It is an on-going process and is involved in every step of the chain of purchasing, receiving, storing, issuing and preparing food, and beverages for sale.



6. Bakery & Pastry Training

We have training in Bakery and Pastry Production. This program is designated for anyone either interested or in need of having knowledge and skills in the Bakery and Pastry sector.



7. Culinary Art Training

Organize classes and training on the art and techniques of garnishing. Learn about food and ice carving, garnishing utensils, hygiene of food preparation, and much more.


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8. Complaint Handling Training

Learn about the type of costumer, type of complaint, step in solving problems, body language, and how to handle complaints in a professional way.

9. Up Selling Skill

Up-Selling Skills is a sales strategy to gain the buyer, in which the seller would provide the opportunity for buyers to purchase a related product or service.

10. Telephone Courtesy

Telephone Courtesy is the procedure for a appropriate phone conversation that includes how to receive and make calls.

We organize and provide specific courses related to the hospitality industry based on your needs and preferences.


For Further Information Please Contact:

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Jl. Curug Mekar No. 17 Bogor
Phone. 0251-7534513

  1. LKP-BHI TRC Marketing

Sofar : 0812-8881-1503

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